Accessibility Planning Guide

National parks and programs have played a critical role in accessibility in recent years. However, accommodating everyone can be difficult, especially when it comes to remembering all of the standards and guidelines required for accessibility.  While parks do their best to accommodate everyone they can, planning an event or program can be stressful in figuring out how to accommodate everyone.

The National Network on Information, Guidance, and Training on the Americans with Disabilities Act has a complete and comprehensive Planning Guide¬†online. While this guide is extremely useful, it’s rather long and you will need some time to review, so it’s advised to plan ahead.

Planning Guide Overview

This guide acquaints the reader with:

  • The value of making temporary events accessible
  • An overview of the law
  • Planning strategies to help prevent discrimination
  • Typical barriers encountered by people with disabilities and solutions for removal
  • Methods of locating and coordinating available resources to achieve accessibility

Chapter 1: Disability Awareness and Nondiscrimination

  • Overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Definition of disability under ADA
  • Structure of the ADA
  • Other accessibility laws and codes

Chapter 2: Planning

  • Modifications to a Site-removing Barrier
  • Communication access
  • Vendors
  • Preparing staff and volunteers
  • Accessible performance areas
  • Publicity of the event

Chapter 3: Getting to the Event Site

  • General considerations
  • Parking
  • Drop off areas

Chapter 4: Participating in the Event

  • Getting around
  • Taking part in event

Chapter 5: Service and Support Facilities

  • Toilet facilities
  • Availability of drinking water
  • Shelter

Chapter 6: Resources

  • ADA National Network Regional Centers
  • Assistive Technology resources
  • Federal agencies
  • State agencies
  • Centers for independent living

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