Making (More) Passive Content Valuable


There is plenty of talk about flipping training and then there is research on what works. Typically, more passive content is what people use on their own and more active content is saved for face-to-face delivery.

Some people say we don’t learn from passive content (such as video, text, and conventional eLearning) but that’s nonsense. We can and we do.

PDF Handout – Flipping: Making Passive Content More Valuable

What you’ll learn

We’ll examine the research about learning from more passive content in order to help make decisions about how to make that content valuable for that part of the flipped equation. This will also be valuable for those who develop more passive training content.

Handout Chapters:

  • What “Flipping” Means
  • Why/How/When People Learn from Passive Content
  • (How to) Make. Thinking. Easier.


  • How can you use the information presented in the handout and additional materials to improve your passive training content?

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