Lesson Plan: Relevant Ideas and Essential Questions


This lesson plan is suitable for seasonal training. This Lesson Plan presents the concept of using Essential Questions in the construction of interpretive products.

With the National Park Service being the interpreters and preservers of our natural and cultural heritage and with the globalization of society, it is time for us to look beyond our sites and even regional boundaries and begin to address questions and issues that, while inherent in our sites, also have a more broad social relevance. These Essential Questions will form a basis for 21st century interpretation.

Studies have also shown that society is moving away from static learning in which a subject matter expert imparts knowledge in a lecture format towards a more self-directed, interactive learning model. By using Essential Questions based on thematic relevant ideas, park interpreters will be able to better engage the modern visitor through collaborative learning experiences which will encourage visitors to form their own personal connections to site resources and meanings.

Download the Lesson Plan: Relevant Ideas and Essential Questions [PDF]

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