Lesson Plan: Engagement Techniques – How, When, Why?


This lesson plan is suitable for seasonal training. This lesson helps participants define engagement techniques, audience centered techniques, and facilitation methods. They will also learn to identify these techniques in the interpretive work of others, and begin developing their own ACT toolboxes.

Engagement techniques facilitate audience exploration and interaction with resources and each other, not to instruct or preach. They can include interpretive facilitation and audience centered interpretive techniques (ACTs). ACT techniques fall into five categories:

  • Connection (facilitate active or passive discovery of emotional and intellectual links between visitors and resource)
  • Contribution (visitors contribute their perspective to interpretive dialogue/narrative)
  • Collaboration (Visitors work together to explore resource meanings)
  • Co-creation (community/audience integral in development of interpretation)
  • Responsiveness (in the moment feedback, interaction)

Download the Lesson Plan: Multiple Engagement Techniques [PDF]

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