The Look Different Project – Unlearning Implicit Biases

We Overview

We all have unconscious attitudes and beliefs that affect our decisions and actions. These unconscious attitudes, or implicit biases, are developed over our lifetimes and are influenced by everything from our childhood experiences to what we see in the news. Implicit biases can affect our feelings about other people based on their race, ethnicity, age, appearance, gender and/or sexual orientation without us ever being aware of it.

However, we can unlearn our implicit biases. MTV’s Look Different Project, created in partnership with the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, aims to help people overcome their implicit biases through activities that identify and question unconscious beliefs.

What You’ll Find


  • All of us have implicit biases we aren’t aware of. Did the results of the Bias Association Tests surprise you and how will you act on those results?

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  1. The Implicit Bias Association Tests are definitely worth the time! I was surprised by the ones that I had more or less of a bias on; it’s not what I would have guessed. Very eye-opening.


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