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Do I need to Log In?

Most information on the Common Learning Portal is available without registering and logging in, however you will need to register and log in if you’d like to access:

  • The CLP Commons:  A space to access Communities of Learning and collaborative discussion forums
  • Restricted Information:  Some educational resources are restricted to permanent NPS employees with PIV cards. In order to view those resources, you must log in with an NPS PIV card.

Log In Instructions for PIV Card Holders

If you are an NPS employee with a PIV card, watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to log in and create an account:

An audio described version of this video is also available.

Do you need to enable remote access on your account? Learn how in this resource.

Log In Instructions for Non-PIV Card Holders

If you do not have a PIV card, you must be invited to register for the CLP by someone who does. Once an NPS employee sends you an invitation, complete the following steps:

A volunteer stands smiling in front of stone covered in drawings.
Volunteer on the Grubes to Red Basin Hike. Photo credit: NPS.
  1. You will receive an email invitation from an NPS employee – someone you know in the Service who has agreed to sponsor you.
  2. Follow the instructions in the email. Click on the link provided and fill out the information requested in the form. IMPORTANT:  When filling out the form, make a note of your CLP username (or the related email address) and password. You will need them to log in to the CLP later.
  3. You will receive a second email from the CLP requesting that you activate your account. Follow the instructions.
  4. You are now a CLP member! You can log in with your CLP username and password any time.

How to Send Invitations to Join the CLP Community

Volunteers and partners can only create an account on the CLP if they’ve received an invitation from an NPS employee. Watch the video below to learn how to send invites to your volunteers and/or partners so they can join the CLP community:

An audio described version of this video is also available.

Request an Invitation to Join the CLP Community

To request an invitation, NPS volunteers and partners will need sponsorship from an NPS employee. To request sponsorship, contact an NPS employee you know and include the video about how they can send you an invitation. If your sponsoring NPS employee needs help sending you an invitation, have them email us at clp@nps.gov.

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