LinkedIn Learning for NPS Employees

The WASO Learning and Development Team is very pleased to announce LinkedIn Learning as a new e-learning resource available to all National Park Service employees, both permanent and seasonal!

Getting Started

To request your access, visit DOI Talent and complete the information request. Within a week, you’ll receive an activation email with the subject “[EXTERNAL] National Park Service, Learning & Development via LinkedIn Learning” from messages-noreply@linkedin.com. Don’t delete it! You must activate your LinkedIn Learning account using the unique code in this email, and your nps.gov email address. Once you’re in, browse around! Take a course, learn something new, and apply it in your day-to-day!

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an award-winning industry leader in online training, with a digital library of over 6,000 courses covering a wide range of technical, business, software and creative topics. LinkedIn Learning also offers tremendous potential for managers and employees to create development plans as part of the performance review process. Effective leaders are committed to developing their staff, and they understand fundamentally that supporting a workplace culture that fosters learning and development requires continuous personal commitment and access to resources.

Best of all, once your license is activated, LinkedIn Learning is accessible 24/7 from any desktop or mobile device, get the training you need anytime and anywhere! You may watch an entire course, or individual videos—some as short as four or five minutes. You can also download course videos to your mobile device to watch anytime.

You will be able to bookmark courses that suit your interests, keep track of the courses you have taken, go back to a course where you left it if interrupted, and when you complete a course, you’ll receive a certificate. You can refine or develop your professional skills, learn new software, and explore other areas as you plan for your career growth.

Why use LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning lets you learn at your own pace, from anywhere. You can select courses relevant to your current role in areas like Business, Technology, Project Management, Finance, Supervisory skills, and other areas. You can boost your knowledge and skills in general building block topics like writing, speaking, business communications, safety, and more.

You can learn more about latest topics to support employees: stress release, managing time in this high-tech world, increasing DEIA, and more. LinkedIn Learning provides 6,000+ options to assist employees along their career journey, to see greater job success and plan a future career path. You’ll be able to grow and develop across all topics available on the platform, to master your personal development and take active steps to achieve your goals.

Does LinkedIn Learning Connect to DOI Talent to update my training record?

Although the systems are independent of each other, courses taken through LinkedIn Learning will count towards your DOI Talent learning objectives and can be listed in your Employee Development Plan if desired. Course completion records will periodically be transferred to DOI Talent and recorded under “Other Evidence,” and thus incorporated in your official training record.

Please note: DOI required courses that are automatically assigned to you through DOI Talent must be completed as assigned through DOI Talent.

Help is available!

If you run into issues with registering for a license through DOITalent, submit a help request to Learning_DOITalent@ios.doi.gov.

For problems logging in to LinkedIn Learning, follow the site’s prompts to LinkedIn Learning helpdesk and support team communications.
For all other questions or help, email the Leadership Development Group.

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