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The Legacies of Enslavement and Race is a collaborative effort of the National Capital Area. These webpages suggest actions for doing the necessary internal work, on collective and individual levels, to establish a more inclusive and empathetic work environment and to prepare staff to engage with visitors and community stakeholders.

The legacies of enslavement are deeply planted in the history of the United States. Its tendrils expand into every aspect of American life and, if ignored, threaten to suffocate the life from our Republic. As noxious as it may seem, it must be confronted in all of its forms.

An interdisciplinary workgroup has contributed to this effort for nearly two years. It is our intent to launch numerous resources for assessment, learning, and development while continuing to expand the site content.

What You Will Find

Within these webpages, parks can find resources to assess the current state of their interpretation of slavery and institutional culture, engage in implicit bias training, build interpretation skills, prioritize next steps, and move forward. 

We have created a set of connected pages, posts, a forum, and other resources within the Common Learning Portal.

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Assessment Rubric

The Four Touchstones

There are four touchstones that are the framework for the assessment rubric and key elements to success.

Organizational Investment Touchstone

This touchstone includes the following:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Consistent Internal and External Messaging
  • Park Planning
  • National Capital Area Office Support
Staff and Volunteer Recruitment, Training, Assessment, and Mentoring Touchstone

This touchstone includes the following:

  • Recruitment and On-Boarding
  • Training
  • Assessment and Accountability for Frontline Interpretation Staff and Volunteers
  • On-going Personal/Professional Growth, Support, and Mentoring
Research and Program Development Touchstone

This touchstone includes the following:

  • Research
  • Written Interpretive Materials
  • Program Development and Implementation
Community and Stakeholder Involvement Touchstones

This touchstone includes the following:

  • Identifying and Reaching Out to Stakeholders
  • Building and Maintaining Collaboration

Training resources associated with the four touchstones:

Additional resources include:

An important aid for a park to use is the assessment rubric. It provides a baseline or opportunity to determine your progress to date. In addition to the rubric, we created a job aid to help your team and a PDF version as an advance planning tool. All this information can be found in the Knowledge Park Assessment Rubric.

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