Overview of the Learning and Performance Ecosystem

Marc J. Rosenberg & Steve Foreman

Updated Learning and Development


The increasing complexity of the world in which we live and work requires us to be more sophisticated in how we learn. We must be better prepared to learn on demand, with minimum disruption to our workflow and productivity. With this goal in mind, it is increasingly critical that the resources we put in place to help us learn—and ultimately perform—be as direct, effective, and instantly available as possible. To accomplish this, we must move away from individual, siloed, “one-off” solutions to an ecosystem comprised of multi-faceted learning and performance options that enhance the environments in which we work and learn.

This complimentary white paper about Learning and Performance Ecosystems provides the conceptual framework for the Learning & Performance Ecosystem Architecture Project (LEAP). (Please note, you will need to sign up for updates from The eLearning Guild to download this free whitepaper. If you choose, you can opt-out of future communications after downloading the whitepaper.)

Co-authors Marc J. Rosenberg and Steve Foreman describes learning and performance ecosystems from conceptual, technological, cultural, and managerial perspectives as they explore how this new framework will dramatically impact the ways in which people learn and work. It lays a foundation for further discussion, experimentation, and innovation into new ways to leverage all that we know about learning to improve workforce performance.

Need a quick reference? Check out this downloadable “cheat sheet” with definitions of each of the Learning & Performance Ecosystem concepts.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is a Learning and Performance Ecosystem?
  • What are the building blocks of Learning and Performance Ecosystem solutions?
  • Examples of Learning and Performance Ecosystems in action
  • Learning and Performance Ecosystems and organizational culture
  • Beyond the Ecosystem:  The Future of Learning and Performance

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  1. Do you see some or all of the six ecosystem components mentioned in the whitepaper and presentation in your workplace/organization? Which components are used the most? Which ones are used little or not at all?
  2. Once identified, create a list of reasons why you think that your organization uses some components more heavily than others. Is there room to incorporate other components? If yes, how can you start to do so?
  3. Ready to take it to the next level? Watch this follow-up presentation where Steve Foreman takes a deeper dive into the Learning and Performance Ecosystem concepts.

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  1. So great to see the video of this presentation – it really takes the information to the next level to hear the information from the whitepaper straight from the source.


  2. This is a lot of information. I think I understand where you are attempting to go with it, but, I need more hands on, or on site interaction before I can make a determination.

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