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Creating a culture of inclusion is a continuous journey, and moving forward on this path requires ongoing evaluation, reflection, and courageous action.These resources from La’Wana Harris, CDE, ACC via Skillsoft on-demand has instructional videos, workbooks, and other resources  and guidance on inclusivity, allyship, power and privilege, and uncovering organizational and systematic truths about racism and policies we perpetuate.

What You Will Find

  1. Take the COMMIT Self-Assessment that is designed to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses around D&I. Use the baseline you establish to determine the actions you will take to advance Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.
  2. Download the Leading Inclusively Leader Guide as a resource, preparation and follow-on for the instructional video
  3. View the recorded video of an hour long presentation from La’wanna Harris on Leading Inclusively to foster change

Dig Deeper

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  • How can you do more in the area in which you scored the highest?
  • Look at the area in which you scored the lowest. Create a plan to address just one of the items in this section. When you’ve accomplished that particular goal, move on to another. When it seems that all sections have been accomplished, reassess.


  • What revelations did you find when you went through the workbook?
  • Commit to doing one of the actions you identified in the guidebook


  • Watch the other accompanying videos




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