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Deborah Meehan and Claire Reinelt

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The National Park Service is among a multitude of corporate, nonprofit, and public sector organizations advocating for positive change in the world. However, the world in which we live is becoming increasingly more complex. Important technological, social, political, and environmental issues continue to affect us all. By developing strong network-style leadership, NPS employees can enhance their ability to effect positive change within the mission of the agency, and in society at large.

In Network Leadership, Deborah Meehan and Claire Reinelt explore how leadership and networking programs can effect positive social change. Recognizing the difficulty level, an individual would be hard-pressed to effect such a change on their own. The employees and units of the NPS must instead work together as a system. This unified front will have a tremendous impact on our visitors and society as a whole.

From the Report

This report is written for those who run and fund leadership programs that develop and support leadership for social change. It shares many examples of how leaders using network strategies are increasing the impact of social change work.

  • Why do network strategies deserve our attention?
  • Why do we need a new leadership mindset?
  • What are the core principles of leading with a network mindset?
  • What leadership development strategies support a network mindset and skills?

Additional Information

Read the report and see how you can apply its findings to your work in the National Park Service.
Network Leadership

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