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Leadership Revolution Participant Feedback

Check out what participants are saying about the Leadership Revolution:

“I have appreciated the L-REV. Learning new things and meeting new people in the Service has been phenomenal. Especially, in the time of Covid. I have made some friends and we have vowed to stay in touch after the training is over. I am happy about that. I encourage everyone to sign up; apply for this training. It is not only eye opening, but opens one’s mind as well.”

“I have ran into some major life challenges, and I think this L-REV is one of the reasons why I’ve preserved, and possibly even become a stronger individual.”

“This program is amazing and I love the connection with other leaders in the Park Service.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the CHARM calls. Hearing from our group each week and listening to their ideas, I felt like I gained more from those experiences than I actually did from some of the assignments. I also really appreciate the networking and idea sharing that is already happening with this program.”

“So grateful to be a part of this team. I look forward to many more discussions about leadership.”

“I am loving this. This helps me self reflect and ask, can I be the leader I want to be, or the leader I hated having? How can I make myself better and what little seed will be planted that will be where the forest originated from? How exciting.”

“I am really excited to have the opportunity to participate in this program. I’m enjoying the structure of the coursework and I think that the structure is a great way to introduce and reinforce concepts. What I have found to be the most valuable, though, is the connections with other people across the agency. I’m enjoying the networking opportunities, and the small size of zeal and charm groups creates a comfortable space for collaboration and discussion.”

“So far this has been a great experience, and I look forward to what’s to come.”

“This has been a welcome reprieve from a stressful world. I have loved the honest and frank conversations I’ve had with my CHARM and ZEAL groups.”

“This program has really boasted my morale, it has been so encouraging to connect with like minded people interested in growing and changing!”

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