Kennedy Fellowship Program


The Roger Kennedy Fellowship Program is a graduate-level certificate program through the Environmental Resources Policy Program in the Colombian College of Arts and Science (CCAS) at The George Washington University.

The fellowship is designed to help prepare current and future NPS leaders who are responsible for the preservation and protection of our public lands and cultural heritage. The fellowship is funded by the Friends of Roger Kennedy and the program was inspired from a gift from previous Director Roger Kennedy and wife Frances Kennedy.

What’s required

The Certificate consists of four 3-credit courses.  All participants in the program must take either PPPA 6006 (Policy Analysis) or PPPA 6066 (Environmental Policy).  The three remaining courses can be selected. For course listings go to Environmental Resources Policy Program CCAS website.

Additional Information

For more information on the program please go to GWU’s website or contact Lisa Matarazzo.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Kennedy Fellowship Graduate Certificate Program, you must be a permanent NPS employee and have three cumulative years of NPS work experience

How to Apply

2016 Kennedy Fellowship Application Information

Admission into the certificate program is a two-tiered review.

  1. The first level of review is by a NPS Review Panel
  2. The second level of review is conducted by the CCAS Admissions Committee.

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