Moving Learning from the Classroom to the Field: Job Aids and Performance Support


Dr. Allison Rossett, long time Professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University. Dr. Rossett is in the Training magazine HRD Hall of Fame, is an award winning author, and has a client list that includes IBM, HP, and the Getty Conservation Institute. In Moving Learning from the Classroom to the Field, Dr. Rossett explores how learning and performance support work hand in hand.

From the slides:

Learning is devoted to producing smarts inside, in the mind, heart and belly. Learning happens in classrooms and on devices. Performance Support is devoted to producing smarts for use outside, through resources accessible in the workplace, and life space. Performance Support is things like checklists and examples you reference on the job.

Session Abstract

Can abandoning training in favor of performance support help lead the NPS into the future? Probably not, but many of you undoubtedly feel like you’re overloaded with training at times. Then again, reliance on job aids and performance support might curtail learning. Knowing what job aids are and when to use them is critical to finding the balance between performance support and learning

Reflection Questions

  1. Do you feel you have taken advantage of job aids available to you? Is there a reason you haven’t?
  2. Has your park or program made performance support a priority?

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