An Introduction to Visualization in PowerPoint


When creating slides, we have a tendency to rely on text to tell our story. This 4 part series of videos demonstrates how to take a block of text and use it to create a clear and compelling visual sequence.

Copyright note: These videos are used with permission from BrightCarbon.

Watch the Videos

Part I: Introduction to Visualization

This five minute video begins with a block of text, goes through the process of sketching out the visuals for the story, and concludes with laying out some of the basic shapes for the slide.

Part II: Images and Formatting

Building on the concepts from Part I: Introduction to Visualization, this five minute video demonstrates how to import images and reformat shapes to make them more clear and attractive.

Part III: Adding Animations

Proper use of animations can do a lot to draw in your audience. This five minute video shows how to add basic animations to a slide quickly.

Part IV: Advanced Animations

This 10 minute video takes the basic animations added in the previous session and demonstrates how to work with Timing, Effects and Click Sequences to get that result you want.


Reflect on either a past presentation or one you might be working on now and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you incorporate visuals?
  • Do you have any text heavy slides? Which of the techniques suggested above will you use now or in the future to eliminate text heavy slides?

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  2. Thanks for the feedback William. I do agree that these are somewhat generic, if not geared toward sales in their examples; but I found the thought process and techniques to be helpful.

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