Video: Introduction to Cultural Landscapes

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Updated Cultural Landscapes


This video is an introduction to cultural landscapes of the National Park Service. Originally presented as a webinar, the video is an overview of how cultural landscapes are defined and managed, and is suitable for audiences new to the topic.

The video answers these questions about cultural landscapes:

  • What are cultural landscapes?
  • Why do we preserve them?
  • How common are they in parks?
  • How are they designated?
  • How do they fit with NPS Management Policies?
  • How do they fit into park management?
  • What are the components of cultural landscapes?
  • How do we preserve them?
  • Where can I find out more?

About This Video

The video is the first of two webinars that provide an introduction to cultural landscape basics and preservation horticulture. The webinars were created by the Park Cultural Landscapes Program and presented to participants in preparation for a Preservation Horticulture Workshop.

Additional Information

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