Introduction to the Planning, Environment and Public Comment System (PEPC)


The Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC) program provides the National Park Service with information technology tools for efficient park planning and resource compliance, project tracking, and public engagement to support collaboration and informed decision making.

This instructor-led course provides a detailed introduction to PEPC. The course covers menu navigation, project search/tracking, reporting capabilities, resource tools and customization for your park/unit.

The course provides hands-on training where students create projects in PEPC, enter funding status, set up interdisciplinary teams, fill out Environmental Screening Forms (ESFs), set up NEPA/NHPA pathways, create documents for internal reviews, create public project pages, post public documents, review public correspondence and close projects.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will understand:

  • What is PEPC?
  • How PEPC will be useful to individual park/units and servicewide
  • How PEPC is useful for the public


Target Audience

Division chiefs, project managers, resource specialists, NEPA/NHPA specialists, resource managers, planners, facility managers and maintenance personnel

Course Format

Instructor led; 8 hours

Course Dates

There are no upcoming sessions of this course scheduled at this time.



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