Interpretive Media — Training Opportunities


The Interpretive Development Program offers the following training opportunities to support your skill development for interpretive media. These learning opportunities and resources support the Interpretive Media Competency for NPS interpreters and educators.

Audience Engagement Through Park-produced Media Virtual Class

This popular 2-day webinar class provides an overview of NPS technical guidelines and interpretive best practices for media, and the skills needed by 21st century interpreters, with an emphasis on audience-centered techniques and strategies. This course is offered once or twice a year via a distance learning “virtual” classroom. Each day involves a schedule of plenary sessions, activities, and group discussions. Please search this website under Training Courses — or search in DOI Learn — to see if this class is currently open for registration.

Design Elements in Interpretive Media E-course

This self-paced e-course provides an overview of the planning and design skills and best practices needed by interpreters to create interpretive opportunities through various types of site-produced media. This course helps support the Interpretive Media Competency for NPS interpreters. ProValens Learning (Eppley Institute) offers and maintains this e-course for a small registration fee.

Interpretive Media Toolkit

This toolkit of resources and references helps you “do it yourself” to learn the foundational skills to develop effective interpretive media. This list has been curated by the instructors of the Audience Engagement Through Park-produced Media Virtual Class.

Diginterp Indepth Webinar Videos

This Diginterp Indepth series of web chats were presented by John Rudy (Mather Training Center) and John Tobiason (Harpers Ferry Center) on a variety of topics related to social media interpretation for NPS sites.

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