Interpreting Climate Change–Project Planning Worksheet


Use this worksheet to think through the 11 steps of creating an interpretive program or product about climate change. This worksheet, along with many other resources and references, is part of the Interpreting Climate Change Self-study Modules.


This worksheet amends and hones your ideas as you work through the steps so that by the end of the practice experience, you have a useful plan.

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  1. This is a comprehensive guide to assembling a climate change interpretive program, seems almost as though it falls out of sync with the typical interpretive program worksheet. Program goals (step 8), interpretive theme (step 9), and a few other elements seem out of order, though having them on the worksheet is still valuable. A kind reminder to also review the “Six Americas” report from Yale and George Mason Universities.

    My one suggestion when approaching this worksheet is to seek out a thought partner from a different program area at their site. Interpreters and resource managers would benefit the other to create a program well rooted in current resource knowledge, interpretive theory, and collaborative design.


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