Instructor’s Skills Workshop for Operational Leadership Facilitators

Course Overview

This course represents a commitment to ongoing professional development for NPS employees who are trainers in a program area of expertise and possess basic platform skills (basic instructional skills in a classroom setting). The focus of this course is application of skills. Students will complete a pre-course survey and pre-course work.

The Instructor Skills Workshop is designed to increase the effectiveness and overall performance of collateral duty instructors, trainers and facilitators for NPS Instructor led training. Instructors bring content from their course(s) and use this content to improve platform, presentation and facilitation skills. This workshop is designed for NPS instructors with some classroom experience.

Participants will deliver three presentations over the 3-day course with feedback provided after each session. Instructor skills and techniques are being developed in this workshop, not content. The workshop is customized to meet the need of the program area.

Classes are scheduled in coordination with the lead program trainer. Please contact Mark Herberger via email if you have questions. When the next class is offered it will be announced in the CLP and in DOILearn.

Learning Objectives

Given a standard classroom setup and authentic lesson plans and/or materials from his or her own training program, the instructor will be able to successfully incorporate adult learning principles and interaction techniques to develop a learning environment that involves the learner no less than every 15 minutes.

Target Audience

NPS employees who are collateral duty instructors, trainers, or facilitators with some experience delivering content in the classroom.

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