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As the pace of change accelerates globally, institutions designed to function in simpler times become strained. Nowhere are these symptoms more evident than within the work experience of our employees. As task complexities increase, budgets are often simultaneously trimmed, leading public sector employees to take on more work. Oftentimes this tendency to “do more with less” comes at the cost of work/life balance, workplace satisfaction, engagement, and morale. Decreases in these areas lead to further challenges in recruitment, retention, and relevancy. What is the role of networks in addressing this situation?

The Dual System Approach, introduced by renowned Harvard Business Professor Emeritus John Kotter, melds the efficiency and productivity of a hierarchy with the flexibility and agility of a network. The Innovative Leadership Network (ILN) connects dispersed employees and provides a forum for open communication, interaction, and equality of ideas – regardless of rank or tenure. Through our distributed leadership, we offer leadership development experiences and opportunities for personal empowerment to our members. ILN helps drive creativity and innovation through a diverse, dedicated network of employees. In so doing, ILN aspires to co-create a better workplace for all employees.

For more information on who we are, how we function, and our vision for the National Park Service and our employees, please check out the video below.

Additional Information

Who We Are

The Innovative Leadership Network (ILN) is an employee created and employee led, voluntary Employee Resource Group. Our membership comprises passionate, dedicated NPS employees, drawn to our mission and vision of creating a better workplace for all employees.

Our Mission

The Innovative Leadership Network’s mission is to enhance the working culture of the National Park Service by fostering creativity, leadership development, communication and idea sharing, innovative action, and the empowerment of NPS employees at all levels.


Learn more about the Innovative Leadership Network by visiting our website. You may also visit our page on the Common Learning Portal.

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