Individual Development Plan Guide


An Individual Development Plan (IDP) identifies an employee’s development goals in the context of NPS’ Strategic Plan. The plan contains training, education, and development activities to acquire or enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to maximize job performance. This will help to ensure that staff is prepared to carry out their responsibilities and contribute to the NPS mission by helping them learn new skills, refresh old skills, and make use of emerging technologies. The Individual Development Plan Guide is an NPS-wide resource to help employees to create their plan.

What you’ll learn

  • Roles of the employee and the supervisor in the IDP planning process
  • How people in each role (employee and supervisor) can prepare for the IDP planning discussion
  • Types of developmental activities
  • IDP worksheet planning support

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  1. Hi @wbustard – thanks for reaching out! Having spoken to a few EDOs, it’s my understanding that there isn’t a universal IDP form, which in some ways is great because you have the flexibility to draft your own. 🙂 There is a worksheet on page 21 in the guide above to help you in this process. The National Capital Region has links to a few forms (for supervisors and employees) on its Google site: https://sites.google.com/a/nps.gov/national-capital-region-training/idp—individual-development-plans. And, if you want to take a look at some other potential forms, you can find a few examples of how other agencies have developed an IDP form for their employees here: https://www.opm.gov/WIKI/training/Individual-Development-Plans.ashx#IDP%20Implementing%20Agencies.

    The EDO in your region could help you even further! You can find a list of EDOs by region in this resource: https://mylearning.nps.gov/library-resources/the-ultimate-individual-development-plan-idp-guide/. They might have more information and/or a specific form for your region. I hope this helps!

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