FY16 Mentoring Program for IMR Employees

The IMR Learning and Development Office is pleased to announce that applications are currently being accepted for participation in this year-long career development program. Both Mentees and Mentors are needed to make this program successful. Mentoring offers a learning opportunity for both Mentees and Mentors. Mentees identify areas where they want to grow and develop and Mentors provide their time, wisdom, and expertise to make that happen. Mentors learn by practicing leadership skills and seeing the world through another person’s eyes.

Examples of possible focus areas for mentoring relationships include the following

  • Discipline-specific technical knowledge – a new employee may want a mentor to help him/her learn the basics or master specific technical knowledge of a career field.
  • Knowledge of supervision, management, and leadership (including the 28 OPM Leadership Competencies) – an individual may want to explore specific aspects supervision and leadership such as strategic thinking and human resources management, or they may want someone to be a sounding board and advisor for them as they deal with challenges in this arena.
  • Career exploration and career planning – many mentees want to brainstorm and evaluate career possibilities within their current field or possibly another career field. They often want practical advice about the types of experiences and developmental activities that will help them reach a specific career goal.
  • Maximizing one’s effectiveness – some mentees may want to explore how they come across in relationships and how to change this, how to fulfill and exceed their boss’ expectations, how to remain challenged in a job they have held for a while and anticipate staying in, and how to get some of their less well-known skills noticed and utilized in their current job.

The objectives of this program are:

  • Improving individual and organizational performance by helping participants obtain new or enhance existing competencies and remain invigorated and challenged.
  • Increasing job satisfaction and career development opportunities for Mentees and Mentor.
  • Transferring institutional knowledge to the Service’s next generations of employees and leaders.
  • Contributing to retention of newer employees, including employees in underrepresented groups.

Additional Information

Targeted Participants:     
  • Mentee:   Permanent and Term IMR employees with fully successful performance ratings.  IMR Pathways interns with fully successful performance ratings.
  • Mentor:  Permanent IMR employees with fully successful performance ratings.  (Recommended grades GS-6 through GS-15 and WG-6 and above).
Program Details:  
  • May 2016 through May 2017
  • Up to 40 mentoring pairs will be selected


There is no cost to parks or offices whose employees participate.  The Region will fund program materials.  No travel is required for this program.

Time Commitment:  

Mentors and mentees will need to be available for an initial orientation, which will be accomplished through webinar-based training.  The full benefit of the program will only be realized if both the mentor and mentee are able to commit at least four hours per month to the program.  This includes time for telephonic meetings between mentor and mentee, meeting preparation and follow-up, and optional telephonic peer learning sessions for Mentors and Mentees.

Nomination Procedures:  

Complete nomination forms online by close of business April 15, 2016


  • Focus area(s) clearly identified.
  • Supervisory statement of support.
  • Evidence that employee has been proactive in his/her career development to date.
  • Mentee Application


  • Match between mentor’s knowledge, education, and skills with Mentee’s needs.
  • Mentor Application

Rating Criteria for Selection of Mentees and Mentors:  

Applications of both mentees and mentors will be evaluated against the criteria

If you have questions regarding the program, please contact the Learning and Development Officer at 303-969-2542.

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