Improving Your Workplace Through the Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS)


As a supervisor, you play a critical role in in the climate of your workplace and motivating your employees. The Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS) provides a window into the opinions of your employees and the climate of your workplace. Using the results of your individual park, office or program EVS report, you can begin to gain an understanding of your employees’ concerns and have a starting point in improving your workplace’s engagement and morale.

A Primer and Guide to Understanding the Employee Viewpoint Survey, Your Results and How to Take Action for Improving Your Workplace helps supervisors and managers understand, interpret and act on their park, office or program EVS report. It contains an explanation of the report, tips for understanding the report findings and what the data can reveal about the strengths and weaknesses of your particular workplace. The document concludes with a 10-step action plan for using the EVS to make positive changes to your workplace.  

What You’ll Find

Document Sections

  • About the EVS: Learn what the survey is and what it is not.
  • Survey Myths: Read about common survey misconceptions.
  • Reading Your Report: See what an actual report looks like and learn how to read it.
  • Interpreting Your Results: Review tips and guidance to understand what your results mean.
  • Taking Action: Learn how to communicate results and where to find resources to move into action.


  • What does your park, office or program’s EVS say about the general climate of your workplace? What could be improved and what steps would you need to take to do that?

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