Improve Your Cultural Fluency

Jane Hyun and Doug Conant

Updated NPS Fundamentals


Cultural fluency is an integral leadership competency. If leaders want to build trust, increase productivity, and increase the creativity of their workforce, it is critical that they grow their cultural fluency. This article provides practical tips to help leaders strengthen this skill.

What You’ll Learn

Readers of this article will learn:

  • How cultural fluency can lead to increased productivity, creativity and trust.
  • Why external expertise is helpful in diagnosing your own blind spots.
  • How to question and adjust your “default managing mode”.
  • Why an open door policy is sometimes not enough.
  • Why asking is better than assuming.
  • Techniques to help resolve conflict arising from cultural differences.

Read the Article

3 Ways to Improve Your Cultural Fluency


Think of a time that communication became awkward due to cultural differences. What tips from this article might have helped the situation?

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