IDP Learning Objective Examples

This document IDP Learning Objective Examples supports the Digital Individual Development Plan Pilot sponsored by NER, NCR, and SER. These pages are internal links for the Digital IDP currently under development. Please check back periodically as we update these resources.

Examples of Effective IDP Learning Objectives

These examples describe WHAT knowledge skills or abilities might be needed for the role of Interpretive Ranger, Facility Manager Administration, and Biologist.

Template: My learning objective is to [Action Word] + [KSA] within [Time frame].

Note: your learning objectives might only be based on abilities – you need not list all the knowledge or skills needed. However, well thought out objectives from Knowledge to Skills through Abilities might make a good IDP. These example demonstrate possibilities in each role for each KSA.

Interpretive Ranger: My learning objective is to be able to

  • Knowledge Learning Objectives
    • Describe the elements of a quality Audience Centered program before next season
    • Identify dialogic characteristics of a formal program when one is presented
    • Recognize 6 different audience types when discussing controversial topics by august 12
  • Skills Learning Objectives
    • Apply the principles of the “4 truths” to development of my article before it is due
    • Demonstrate 4 audience centered techniques in my programming by the end of the season
    • Distinguish between audience perspective and audience point of view in presenting controversial topics before presenting my first program
  • Abilities Learning objectives
    • Choose and practice 3 techniques to create active participation during a demonstration in the next two weeks
    • Evaluate 3 interpretive programs for effective use of audience centered techniques by February
    • Develop a draft wayside design that incorporates open ended questions by first quarter of the fiscal year

Facility Manager: My learning objective is to

  • Knowledge Learning Objectives
    • Name the parts of a front end loader by the end of the class
    • Discuss the importance of asset management with my team by next tailgate session
    • List the elements that contribute to the API score
  • Skills Learning Objectives
    • Schedule a work order in FMSS using all the proper fields and generate a report by Friday
    • Determine the 10 highest priority differed maintenance projects in the park by first quarter of fiscal year
    • Use the Cost Estimating tool in PMIS to create 15 a class B estimates for next years budget proposals
  • Abilities Learning objectives
    • Set-up a properly functioning chainsaw crew with tools, supervision, assignments, and objectives before next fire season
    • Score the Facility Condition Index of the new visitor center with the park leadership team within 3 months
    • Estimate the coming fiscal year workload using past schedules, FMSS, and park priorities in two weeks

Administration: My learning objective is to

  • Knowledge Learning Objectives
    • Review elements needed for a good PMIS project before the next meeting
    • Select 3 possible contractors that meet FAR requirements
    • Translate policy memos into recommendations for administrative action by start of fiscal year
  • Skills Learning Objectives
    • Apply fleet management guidelines to recommendation of purchase or rental of 4 new vehicles to management team by next meeting
    • Interpret the parks NPS ScoreCard rating in to potential management actions for next budget meeting
    • Distinguish between a performance vs. conduct issue before next EPAP season
  • Abilities Learning objectives
    • Formulate the division of administrations operations budget using FPPS, FBMS, and current cost projections by December 3rd
    • Manage project of acquisition of new IT and system installation before the contract is awarded in June
    • Assess employee time and attendance data and create an excel pivot chart showing projected trends in sick leave and annual leave within 6 months

Biologist/Resource Manager: My learning objective is to

  • Knowledge Learning Objectives
    • Identify wetland habitat in south district of park that has potential threatened species this season
    • List GIS layers needed to display habitat and topographic aspect map of the south district by may
    • Discuss implications of new powerline crossing the park border in terms of migrating waterfowl based on monitoring data in a briefing paper by the fall
  • Skills Learning Objectives
    • Set-up a lizard population transect based on park monitoring protocols by next season
    • Locate potential bat hibernacula using thermo-regulation criteria and habitat sub-classes by start of scheduled monitoring
    • Manipulate geo-spatial and population data to create a “heat map” of Threatened and Endangered species in the park during peak visitation months for annual report
  • Abilities Learning objectives
    • Arrange inventory and monitoring schedule and protocols to not overlap with 3 year projected construction timeline within next three months
    • Produce a data visualization program in “r” computer language that can be shared on the website by next fiscal year
    • Collect type samples all park ecologic niches and arrange in photogenic order for the museum collection within a year.


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