IDP Developmental Activities Examples


This document, Individual Development Plan Developmental Activities Examples, supports the Digital Individual Development Plan (IDP) Pilot sponsored by NER, NCR, and SER. These pages are internal links for the Digital IDP currently under development. Please check back periodically as we update these resources.


Development activities are strategies to gain knowledge, skills, or abilities. These are specific actions, relationships, tasks, or programs for employees.

Finding Out What You Do Not Know

A good Developmental Activity for most IDPs is to conduct information interviews with people that know about the role or skill you wish to develop. For example, if you want to be a superintendent, interview 3 superintendents about the most effective learning opportunity in their career. Alternatively, you can ask “what do you wish someone had told you earlier?”

Information interviews give you data for your IDP and potential additional objectives and activities.

IDP Developmental Activity Examples

Knowledge Objective: Recognize 6 different audience types when discussing controversial topics.

Developmental Activities for Interpretation

  • Job Rotation: Detail as supervisory park ranger in interpretation.
  • Collateral Duty: Serve as division training specialist for interpretation.
  • Coaching: Schedule three coaching sessions with your supervisor around interpreting controversy.
  • Mentoring: Seek advice from other museum curators and exhibit specialists on how other museums deal with controversy.
  • Learning Group: Join the Interpretation Peer Coaching forum in the Common Learning Portal.
  • Self Development: Google search “Six Americas” article and read the discussion topic. Watch TED talks on bias and controversy. Sign up for a distance education class on interpretation.
  • Shadow: Observe 3 different interpreters present on controversial topics in the park.
  • Training: Attend the International Sites of Conscience Facilitated Dialogue class.

Skills Objective: Schedule a work order in FMSS using all the proper fields and generate a report.

Developmental Activities for Facilities Management

  • Job Rotation: Get a detail in a park with a complex facilities management operation. Go on a fire assignment as a logistics person.
  • Collateral Duty: Become the assistant to the FMSS data steward for 3 months.
  • Coaching: Schedule an office visit with a supervisor and a chief to express interest and look for guidance.
  • Mentoring: Seek out former chiefs of maintenance and facilities to be a mentor.
  • Learning Group: Join the facilities management trainers group.
  • Self Development: Read the FMSS guidance documentation, take all the online FMSS classes.
  • Shadow: Observe the division FMSS data steward enter work orders for one week.
  • Training: Attend the Facility Manager Leaders Program or watch and participate in an FMSS webinar.

Abilities Objective: Increase my capacity as a change agent to facilitate service leadership abilities in my current job.

Developmental Activities for Leadership

  • Job Rotation: Apply for a detail in a larger park as a deputy superintendent.
  • Collateral Duty: Volunteer as the regional representative to the leadership council.
  • Coaching: Hire an executive coach from the OPM schedule.
  • Mentor: Look for opportunities to mentor others.
  • Learning Group: Join the Superintendents Round Table.
  • Self Development: Read three books on change management published in the last two years.
  • Shadow: Shadow 2 executives in the Secretaries office.
  • Training: Attend Harvard School of Government class for NPS executives or apply to the SES program.


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