Why Real Mistakes Lead to Bigger Innovations


An organization may find it easy to come up with new ideas. However, being able to commit resources to develop ideas is a problem for many. This approach doesn’t take into account that ideas can lead to mistakes, which in turn lead to increased innovation & creativity.

The NPS is currently in a push to become and stay relevant with the next generation of park stewards. This will require examination of current programs and services. During your NPS career, you have most likely asked yourself, “Why do we do things the way we do?” Often, parks and programs have been managed in the same manner for years, if not decades.

As the park service moves into a second century stewardship, risks must be taken. But how can you take risks with park programs and management safely? As Ramon Salinas outlines in his article, finding a balance between risk and reward is crucial. This balance will ensure the NPS moves forward while being innovative

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Most innovation practitioners adhere to the “fail fast, fail often” mantra, with a bias toward quick experimentation and action. In contrast, most senior managers must follow a more rigid, risk-averse decision-making rubric. How an organization reconciles these two viewpoints determines whether innovations thrive or evaporate.

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Read more about what Mr. Salinas has to say about the power of mistakes. Why Real Mistakes Lead to Bigger Innovations

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