Examples of Strategies for Interpreting Climate Change


This handout contains examples of interpretive strategies for interpreting climate change at several different national parks. These ideas are excerpted from the Interpreting Climate Change Self-study Modules — Module 4 Learning Companion, NPS Interpretive Development Program.

What You’ll Find

These examples are helpful because they…

  • identify site relevance to climate change
  • connect site relevance to audience relevance
  • list one or two suggestions for interpretive venues, strategies or techniques to engage the audience

These are offered as suggestions – there are many other possibilities for climate change stories and strategies at each of these sites. These examples are intended to help you think about the possibilities at your site.


Additional Information

See also: ICC Self-study Modules — Module 4 Learning Companion

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  1. This is a really useful handout for planning, developing, and/or brainstorming on how and WHY to interpret climate change at our sites. I found it super valuable that this handout included examples from a variety of sites – including several with a historical and cultural focus. This handout’s site/audience relevance + suggested strategies format is concise, and contains the right amount of detail without being overly prescriptive. I think this resource will be useful to both newer and more experienced climate change interpreters at a broad spectrum of sites, as a brainstorming tool containing multiple ways of thinking about and interpreting climate change. Would love to see a companion handout with a more detailed description of several of the programs mentioned here.

    (Meant to rate this 5 stars, actually, but accidentally clicked 4 and can’t seem to change it! Help?)


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