I Was Seduced By Excellent Customer Service


What is the secret ingredient of exceptional customer service? According to John Boccuzzi, it’s not technology, marketing techniques, or sales channels. Find the answer in his spirited Ted Talk on what turns casual consumers into brand-loyalty ambassadors.

The Learning Upshot

After completing the work on this page, you will be able to:

  • Know the secret behind exceptional customer service
  • Identify the benefits of creating extraordinary customer encounters
  • Experiment with improving your own customer service techniques

Watch the Video

Make It Actionable

Now it’s time to personalize it. Give this concept some momentum in the workplace and your own life by completing the following:

1. Recall a time when you received exceptional customer service. Replay this experience from start to finish and try to remember the details. What made it so exceptional? Name 2-3 specific things that made it so extraordinary.

2. Name one company that excels at customer service. (For ideas, take a look a some of the resources in the Want More? section below). What is their secret to creating exceptional customer experiences? Identify 2-3 benefits for the customer and the company.

3. Try it out for yourself. In your workplace, who is your customer? Identify three specific ways that you can improve their customer experience. Choose one method and try it out.

4. Reflect on this experience:

  • How did this action impact the customer?
  • What effect did this experience have on you?
  • How does this affect the organization?
  • How can you continue to improve your customers’ experience?

5. Bonus (optional): Try out all three of the methods you identified for improving workplace customer service. After you have tried implementing all three methods, reflect on these questions:

  • Which of these methods had an identifiable impact on the customer and how? If it’s not obvious, ask them.
  • What did you discover about your customer?
  • What did you try that you are going to keep doing?
  • How do you think this will affect the organization?

Want More?

Dig deeper on this topic with the following resources:

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