How Working Parents Can Manage the Demands of School-Age Kids

Harvard Business Review

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This article from Harvard Business Review gives some practical insights and ideas on how to manage the demands of the workplace and those from our most important job – raising our children.

As a working parent, you’ve already got two jobs — and having two jobs isn’t easy. But you’re also going to spend a minimum of 13 years with a third critical role: stewarding your child’s education. It’s a position that comes with enormous hope and pressure. You want the absolute best for your children, and you’re determined to oversee their school experience in a way that will set them up for success in college and life beyond. But it’s a position that can create significant practical challenges for any family.

What You’ll Learn

Effective ways to manage the overwhelming demands of drop-off, homework, and parent-teacher conferences while still delivering and succeeding at work.

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