Use this template of questions to help write your Trades Alive script. Also, check out the full template at the bottom of this page. We’ve written examples for each step in italics.


What is your topic? This should be easily summarized in 3-5 words.

Painting Historic Interiors.


Who are you making this video for? Be very specific.

Historic preservationists working in buildings with painted interior walls, built in the northeast between 1750 and 1820.


Break down your technique. If your technique or process is long and complex, consider proposing a short series of videos, one for each of the major sections. Write a short title for each step or an easy way to remember it. What is a short description for each step? Your titles don’t have to rhyme, but it’s good if they are catchy and stick.

  1. Screen: Research what paint would have been used historically.
  2. Clean: Clean off excess and old paint to prepare the surface.
  3. Team: Working as a team, apply the appropriate and historically accurate paint.
  4. Beam: Give yourselves a round of applause you did it!

Write the script

Following your step-by-step process for completing the historic work, write a script which describes each step. This doesn’t have to be read word-for-word. It can be a simple outline or bullet list. Include details for what you’re doing at each step, tips and tricks you’ve learned, or other good information. You want your final video to be short and sweet, so cut out anything that is extra or doesn’t help someone learn the technique.

Example 1

Hi I’m Kristi Rugg and today I’m going to be demonstrating how we paint historic interiors here at Acadia National Park. We’ve found this technique works well in historic structures in northeast climates built between 1750 and 1820.

The process we’ll use today is Screen, Clean, Team, and Beam. Step One: Screen. To start, you will need to remove a small paint sample from the current interior walls in order to research the type of paint, binder, and match the color and technique used.

Step Two: Clean. Carefully remove the old paint and where appropriate, sand down the surface to prepare the wall for new paint.

Step Three: Team. Working as a team, apply the paint evenly.

Step Four: Beam. Step back and take a look at what you’ve done! Fantastic job.

Shot List

To accurately describe each step of your process, you will need corresponding video footage. In this section, be specific. This will guide your filming later.

  • Before shot of room with old paint.
  • Close up of old paint and damage.
  • Someone taking a paint sample from the wall.
  • Someone doing research on a computer showing what paint was used.
  • Close-up of hands scraping and scrubbing off old paint.
  • Showing a team of people working on one wall cleaning.
  • Close up of paint bucket to show type of paint.
  • Close up of brush painting new coat on the wall.
  • Show team of people painting.
  • Show everyone wearing appropriate PPE.
  • Final shots of new coat of paint and everyone smiling.


We created a Trades Alive Script Template. Open the link and follow the directions to save a copy for yourself to edit.

You will need to submit your script when you request a video kit. To learn more, visit our Borrowing a Video Kit page.

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