How to Practice Mindful Working

In her article “How to Practice Mindful Working” Alaina Love describes the qualities of effective leaders and their ability to make meaning from their experiences. This reflective quality requires leaders to practice mindful working, “so the flow of your day is intentional, rather than a series of ‘bush fire’ events.”

What are the benefits of mindful working?

  • You feel more balanced
  • You will become less reactive and more thoughtful
  • You will be far more able to effectively manage stress

Alaina Love offers a number of actions that you can implement immediately to become more mindful at work:

  1. Know who you are – Operate with a defined set of values.
  2. Develop an introspective practice – Reflection is a leader’s ally.
  3. Breathe – Breathe most effectively, especially when events at work are most challenging.
  4. Practice Task Presence – Giving full attention to one task, meeting, issue, person or challenge at a time.
  5. Schedule a 20-minute meeting with yourself – Taking time each week for a private meeting where you reflect and answer the question, “What did I learn about myself through all of my experiences this week?”
  6. Let lightning strike – It’s not enough for you as a leader to practice mindful working; encourage your team to practice mindful working.


Love, Alaina. “How to Practice Mindful Working”. SmartBrief, 27 Nov. 2017.

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  1. There are some really valuable techniques here. Particularly #1. Taking the time to define my values in the workplace helps me prioritize quickly when the unexpected inevitably occurs.


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