How Journalists Can Improve Their Storytelling by Embracing Design Thinking

Design thinking isn’t just useful for creating products. It can help you tell even more powerful stories. Design thinking is being applied to many different industries and professions. Journalists are using it to uncover new stories and help their message reach the audiences that need them most. Sound familiar?

John Keefe at WYNC Radio has been creating innovative ways for journalists and average citizens to get the attention of their news department on important stories. All across the profession, men and women are finding new ways to make their storytelling better.

“Ask yourself: What would my audience like to know?”

Journalists are public servants – they need to talk about what the public wants and needs to know, not necessarily what interests them. And interpreters are just like that too. Empathy and defining the problems that face our audiences can help us make amazing new stories that change peoples’ lives.

Read more about how journalists are using every step of the design thinking process and gain some inspiration on how you might incorporate it into your own storytelling.

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