Historic Sites and Accessibility Compliance

Historic Sites and Accessibility Resources

Three people standing in front of a historic house.
A team reviewing accessibility issues at the entrance to the General Philip Schuyler House at Saratoga National Historical Park. (NPS Photo)

Many, if not all, NPS units contain mission-critical buildings, facilities, and landscapes that are historically significant to the story and experience that is offered to visitors. The NPS is responsible for preserving the intended experience of historic sites and buildings for everyone, including people with disabilities. The following resources highlight the accessibility compliance requirements for historic buildings and facilities and discuss the exemptions, modifications, and waivers that might be applied where full compliance with accessible design standards may be technically infeasible.

Within these resources you will find information that can help you:

  • Discuss the applicable design standards for accessibility of historic buildings and facilities
  • Provide a basic definition of qualified historic buildings or facilities, as they apply to the NPS
  • Discuss the conditions of an alteration to a historic building or facility that may cause accessibility compliance to be technically infeasible
  • Discuss accessibility exceptions, as applied to historic facilities
  • Review the accessibility compliance modification and waiver process through GSA


This video is from the Historic Sites and Accessibility Compliance webinar presented in February 2021. The presenters audio describe images in the video.

Additional Resources

Check out the following additional resources on accessibility in historic facilities:

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