Historical Thinking IS Design Thinking – Lillian Hoodes

Think that just be cause you’re an historian, then design isn’t for you? Think again. Educator Lillian Hoodes has been trying to integrate her world of history education and design thinking into one. And she’s come to fascinating conclusions. Historians are already native design thinkers. In her blog post on design thinking, she pushes that idea a bit further.

“And in essence, that is indeed what historians do. They identify an historical problem, and they use source material and build upon the answers of other historians, in order to find a more satisfactory solution to that problem.”

Historians look at a problem and try to find the solutions that they can build out of the resources at hand. Designers do the same thing – identify problems and build inventive solutions for others. The only difference is that designers are trying to solve other peoples’ problems, not historical questions.

Design thinking might be something you already do, you just haven’t realized it yet. Check out Lillian’s blog post to dive deeper into the world of historical and design thinking.

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