Historic Preservation Training Center: Meet Our Teams!


Located in Frederick, MD, the Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) is dedicated to the safe preservation and maintenance of national parks or partner facilities by demonstrating outstanding leadership, delivering quality preservation services, and developing educational courses that fulfill the competency requirements of Service employees in the career fields of Historic Preservation Skills, Risk Management, Maintenance, and Planning, Design, and Construction.

The HPTC utilizes historic preservation projects as the main vehicle for teaching preservation philosophy and building crafts, technology, and project management skills. Our experiential learning approach emphasizes flexibility in addressing the unknown conditions encountered during the project and ensures that the goals of preservation are met.

Major Programs and Services

The major programs and services provided by the HPTC are:

  • A three year, NPS Exhibit and Preservation Specialist training program
  • Services for the treatment of NPS, Federal, and State historic properties
  • Extensive outreach training programs aimed at building the skills of personnel responsible for the maintenance and preservation of historic properties

Meet Our Team!

The HPTC is made up of five different teams. Click on the links below to view their missions, meet their staff, and read about their featured projects:


For more information about the HPTC, contact Moss Rudley.

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