Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) Library


Created in 1996 when the Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) was located in Williamsport, MD, the HPTC Library traveled with the organization when it moved to Frederick, MD and is now located at the Gambrill House, Monocacy National Battlefield.

HPTC received help from Melissa Arnold, the Museum Technician Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Chief Librarian of the NPS, Amalin Ferguson to catalog and upload its materials to the NPS LIBRIS (Library Information System). The HPTC library catalogs its materials using the Library of Congress call number system.

The library at Gambrill now consists of periodicals, manuals, reports, and 1,000+ books related to historic preservation and maintenance best practices in the following fields: architecture, carpentry, masonry, and woodcrafting. There are three main collections: the book collection, the Historic Structure Treatment Reports collection, and the reference collection. HPTC purchases most of its materials; 30 or so items have been donated.

What you’ll find

Although there is no official collection scope, the HPTC library generally focuses on collecting in historic preservation, including:

  • Traditional skills and crafts in architecture
  • Trade catalogs and trade manuals
  • Architectural reference books dating to the 19th c.
  • Regional guides of architecture – historic and modern
  • Copies of current building codes
  • Estimating guides
  • Preservation law books

Not only are there books on these topics, but periodicals as well. The HPTC subscribes to a number of trade and preservation related journals including: Fine Homebuilding, Stone Foundation, Timber Framers Guild, Preservation Network, Masonry, Builder, and Commercial Architecture.

Requesting Materials

Library materials are only available to NPS employees. To search the NPS LIBRIS catalog for the HPTC Library holdings, use this Access Quick Guide.

If you check the database and find materials you are interested in, contact either Tom Vitanza or Becky Cybularz to verify that the material is available (the catalog doesn’t provide availability status). If the resource you wish to borrow is available, you are free to come to Gambrill House and borrow the material.


Books must be checked out in person. Checking out books is based on a traditional honor system – library patrons sign out the book and must return it within 30 days.


Periodicals can be accessed either at the HPTC shop or at Gambrill House. The most current issue is displayed at the HPTC shop and one is retained in the reference collection. The HPTC Library keeps back issues of some of the more sought after journals, including: APT Bulletin, Industrial Archeology, Construction History, Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodcrafting. The library maintains a back collection of 2 years.


If interested in the library collections and borrowing materials, contact Tom Vitanza.

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