Silver Series training programs are delivered via the web so workers can view these programs on the job site, at home or even before they are hired. A printable certificate including trainee name and final test score is stored online.

A step up from watching a video online – our e-learning training programs are instructionally designed and include tests to verify real learning has taken place.These online programs provide a solid foundation of equipment and safety knowledge that you can build upon with your existing hands-on, on-the-job training.

VISTA Training has built a library of about 20 basic heavy equipment training programs that are ideal for new hire and remedial / refresher operator training. Called the Silver Series, these 1-2 hour training programs cover components, pre-use inspection, principles of operation and safety issues.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of 2 web-based training lessons – at no cost to you!

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Note: Once you register for an account, there are three videos that are allowable to watch. They have the   icon next to them. The links are marked:

 Learner Instructions- This video shows you how to navigate through the videos during your lesson.

 Introduction to Heavy Equipment

 Types and Primary Uses

This is a demonstration of a VISTA Silver Series training course. It only contains two lessons and no test. The full course has a challenge exam and a final exam that tests your knowledge of the material. Your progress and test results are tracked in this Learning Management System. These features are disabled in this demonstration version.

If you have any questions, contact Austin Haynes at austin_haynes@nps.gov or call 202-619-726

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