Harrison Goodall Preservation Fellowship


The National Park Service, in partnership with Preservation Maryland, is pleased to announce the Harrison Goodall Preservation Fellowship which promotes innovation and professional growth in the field of historic preservation. The fellowship gives graduate students and enterprising professionals the opportunity to undertake a focused pursuit that makes a meaningful contribution to the field of historic preservation and support the stewardship of historic resources not only in the National Park Service but nationwide and at any level (e.g., other federal agencies, state and county parks, non-profit history museums, etc.).

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The fellowship is a short-term opportunity to pursue a unique self-directed project under the guidance of a mentor. Fellows will receive recognition for a distinguished achievement while creating original preservation training content, performing research, or enhancing leadership and management skills.

“Preservation changed my life; I’d like to see it do the same for others. – Harrison Goodall

About the Fellowship

Target Audience

This opportunity is aimed at both emerging and seasoned preservation professionals and graduate students enrolled at least part-time in a preservation-related degree program (historic preservation, museum studies, history, archeology, urban planning, architecture, preservation trades, etc.). Applications will be accepted from federal and non-federal applicants.

Fellowship Projects

Creativity and divergent thinking are encouraged for fellowship self-directed pursuits. While fellows are invited from a wide range of fields, a project must demonstrate a tangible contribution to the field of historic preservation. Common project categories:

  • Self-study or skill development
  • Education programs/curriculum development
  • Microlearning development
  • App/software development
  • Research
  • Treatment development
  • Leadership/management
  • Community engagement

Other preservation-related endeavors may be undertaken with the approval of the fellowship committee. Pursuits related to the preservation of vernacular architecture are encouraged. To see a full list of potential projects, visit the Preservation Maryland website.

Fellowship Experience

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Once accepted, fellows will be paired with (or continue working with) a mentor appropriate to their field of study. Fellows will develop a plan with their mentors which establishes a timeline for deliverables, a broad outline of their final deliverables, and expectations for collaboration and communication.

Fellows will also establish the period of residency (up to two weeks) when they plan to travel to an appropriate location to either work with their mentor or complete fieldwork for their project (subject to change based on current national, regional, and local public health guidance). Every fellowship will result in a different deliverable which will be due by August of their fellowship year.

Fellowship Award

Candidates are admitted as fellows for a year (August to August). The program will provide a $5,000 award.

Application Process

The application process is a two-part series.

Part 1: Complete the Online Application Form

Fill out the online application form including a short statement of interest generally outlining your proposed project. The selection committee will then contact finalists and invite them to complete a full application. Applications are due on May 29, 2020, 11:59PM GMT/7:59PM EST.

Part 2: Submit Additional Information (Invitation Only)

Applicants selected to move on in the selection process will be contacted by June 15, 2020. Invited applicants will need to submit the following information by July 1, 2020. Applicants are encouraged to begin to think about and prepare responses to the following questions as late submissions will not be accepted. Find the list of online essay questions and required documents for this part of the application process on the Preservation Maryland website.


For questions about the mission of the Goodall Fellowship and NPS’s role in providing this opportunity, and/or about your potential project eligibility, please contact:

Katherine Wonson, Director
Western Center for Historic Preservation
National Park Service

For questions related to Preservation Maryland and The Campaign for Historic Trades, and/or about the online application process or any technical difficulties, please contact:

Nicholas Redding, Executive Director
Preservation Maryland

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