Guidelines for Accessible Online Documents


Shared with Regional Directors, Associate Directors, Assistant Directors, and Office Chiefs, the Guidelines for Accessible Online Documents provide important information regarding the Servicewide effort to ensure NPS content is accessible to all.

The U.S. Access Board has ruled that Federal agencies covered by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 have a deadline of January 18, 2018, to make electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities.

The National Park Service has made progress towards providing accessible web content and experiences for its employees and the public, but additional tasks exist which need to be accomplish in order to comply with Federal law.

What You’ll Find

The Guidelines for Accessible Online Documents include resources and available training opportunities; the document also outlines a strategy for remediating legacy documents and a document creation process for moving forward.

The Guidelines also identify the Regional and Program Web Manager for each Region and Program.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact April Slayton at (202) 513-7273, Shane Compton at (202) 354-1801, and/or your regional or directorate web manager (see guidelines for a list of regional and program web managers).

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