GOAL Academy Testimonials and Impact

Here is just a snapshot of what folks are saying about the GOAL Academy program.

GOAL Academy Participant Feedback

“The program was thoughtfully constructed, eagerly facilitated, and well managed, which provided me with a platform to absorb the top notch, unique, and relevant content.”

“One of the highlights of the program for me was the depth of knowledge and experience brought to us by most of the outside trainers.”

“The way in which GOAL was put together facilitated instant emotional bonds with the cohort and have lasted in the years since. My GOAL colleagues are not only some of my closest friends right now, but they are NPS colleagues that I turn to with work questions, sounding boards for brainstorming, and a wonderful support network.”

“GOAL gave me leadership skills and tools that have made me a better leader, coworker, and overall human being. The program was designed in such a way that the ideas and strategies I learned continue to influence me three years later.”

“GOAL is the best training and education I have received in the NPS. The program changed my life personally and professionally. It has great potential to continue improving the NPS workforce and ultimately the execution of our mission.”

“Just Do it! The GOAL Academy is the only leadership training in the NPS that focuses on the very necessary soft skills of leadership. We need this in our agency and you need these skills in your life. It is a lot of work but so worth it!”

“This has been the most inclusive, open-minded, non-judgmental training environment I’ve ever been in with the NPS (or in my career overall).”

“GOAL academy is akin to an abbreviated grad program.”

“GOAL Academy recognizes everything we all put out there, from our hearts and spirit, to know we are all valuable members of the Service. We make a difference, and we all cross the finish line. And we all join in the celebration. It is an excellent program. There is no other of its kind.”

“GOAL gets it right. This is how leadership should be taught.”

Feedback from Colleagues and Supervisors of GOAL Academy Participants

This person…

  • is more assertive and takes on more leadership responsibilities
  • has more confidence in making decisions
  • is excited about what she is learning and eager to share these skills and insight
  • is more aware of her potential
  • open heartedly accepts feedback
  • finds better ways she can do things
  • approaches challenges in a positive and creative spirit
  • is more inclusive and welcoming of input
  • is speaking up more to voice her opinions and solutions
  • is a better listener
  • approaches the situation with calm and professionalism
  • is more open and engaged and seems more relaxed and accessible
  • has greater self awareness and confidence in her leadership skills and abilities
  • is willing to point out where things are going wrong and takes steps to fix them
  • takes on more challenging roles

GOAL Academy Impact

What impact does the GOAL Academy program have on participants and the organization? Read these impact reports to find out.

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