Glossary of Terms: LGBTQ

If you’ve struggled to keep up with all the letters of LGBTQ+ acronyms, you’re not alone.

The initials “LGB” became popular in the 1980s as an initialism for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. Then, in the 1990s the acronym grew to LGBT to include the transgender community. Since then, people have added more letters as our understanding of human attraction and gender identity evolves.

Because our understanding has changed rapidly, so have the acronyms. If you aren’t in on the conversation, those changes can be confusing.

To better understand what each letter means, check out GLAAD’s Glossary of Terms: LGBTQ. The guide offers insight into many ways people experience (or don’t experience) attraction, identity, and more.

If you’re writing a National Park Service product and aren’t sure which version of the acronym to use, the HFC Editorial Style Guide recommends LGBT and LGBTQ.

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