Get to Know the RBMS Point of Sale System

A new tool for all fee collecting parks!

The NPS Recreation Fee Management Program and Arctic IT (contractor) have worked together to develop the Recreation Business Management System (RBMS). This new Point of Sale (POS) solution has been designed to provide consistent fee collection business processes and equipment to all fee collecting sites throughout the service.

The new RBMS system is coming to your park soon! The plan is to deploy the RBMS equipment to all 165 recreation fee collecting parks by the end of 2020.

The Common Learning Portal hosts all of the training for the RBMS system. You’ll find informative learning activities, videos, and reference guides to get you oriented to the new system and show you how to complete daily fee collection tasks. If you are involved in fee collection you’ll want to take the training listed below. We recommend you bookmark this page and use it to ensure you stay up to date with RBMS training. Training activities will be updated as needed throughout the year.

Which course should you take?

Fee collection staff should complete the courses listed below by position duties. You only need to take the courses that apply to your job duties.

Many of the courses are specific to the type of fee collection model primarily used at the park (Park Entry, Parking, or Tour/Event). Select the model that best fits your park. Parks that primarily collects fees for entrance into the park fall under the Park Entry model. Parking fees fall under the Parking model. Tour and special event fees fall under the Tour/Event model.


Fee Collectors

Fee Collection Leads, Supervisors, and Managers

Fee Collection Remit and Deposit Staff

Fee Collection Staff Responsible for Pass Management

Learn more about RBMS

Visit the Point of Sale Program Tech Hub for additional details on the RBMS project. Explore Recreation Fee Program training on the Common Learning Portal.

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