Get to Know Recreation.gov

Learn more about Recreation.gov! Recreation.gov provides information on federal lands across the United States. It also provides one-stop shopping for reservations for campsites, tours, backcountry permits, lotteries, entrance fees, and more. All NPS sites are represented on Recreation.gov, and many offer multiple types of reservations and activities.  

  • Visit the Recreation.gov website to explore everything it has to offer! Search for your park to see what information is offered, and look at other parks to get ideas. 
  • Explore the What’s New section to see the latest facilities that have been added to the site. 
  • Check out the Trip Builder and try building an extended trip. 
  • Learn all the things the mobile app can do and download it to your mobile device. 

Wondering how Recreation.gov could help your park operations? 

  • Recreation.gov is an effective way to reduce cash handling and streamline park operations. It’s also an easy way to let visitors plan their trips and reserve in advance.
  • Watch this introductory video on YouTube to see an overview of the public-facing site as well as the back-office system for employees called the Hub.
  • Review this summary of Recreation.gov’s ticketing service to see how it can help with your park’s special events, programs, or tours.

If your park is interested in adding a permit, campground, pass, or tour to Recreation.gov contact Shelagh Forester, the NPS Recreation.gov Agency Program Manager. 

Are you already using Recreation.gov to manage camping, tours, tickets, passes, or permits? Visit the CLP’s Recreation.gov Resources page for more information. 

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