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NPS Fundamentals Program

Updated NPS Fundamentals

The NPS Fundamentals Residential Program will continue to expand its offerings by taking the program “on the road”  three times in FY20. These five-day classes offer a condensed version of the traditional eight-day training held at Albright Training Center.

Fundamentals on the Road sessions do not replace the residential program at Albright Training Center in Grand Canyon National Park. Rather, it provides an opportunity for employees who, for various reasons, may not be able to be on extended, long-distance travel.

About Fundamentals

The Fundamentals curriculum provides an overview of the agency and our mission and values. Participants will learn about NPS operations, build on soft skills like communication and teamwork, and have ample opportunity to build and strengthen their networks.

Target Audience

NPS Fundamentals Program is open to employees within their first two-years of permanent status. The priority for these on the road class are employees duty stationed within the region where the class is being held or those who are able to commute to the training locations daily.

Upcoming Classes

There are currently no upcoming classes. Please check back or email Kristin_Gibbs@nps.gov.


There is no tuition for any NPS Fundamentals course. The Fundamentals Program will cover the travel and per diem expenses for 15 employees for each on the road class.

How to Apply

If you are interested in an On-the-Road class, are from the local area, and have supervisory permission, please email the Class Coordinator (see above). Include your name, job title, park/office, supervisor’s name, years as a permanent employee with the agency, and your preferred class dates.

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