In 1975, Freeman Tilden, the author of “Interpreting Our Heritage” and pioneer in the field of Interpretation, sat down to discuss what he hoped the American Bicentennial might look like in parks. Though he discussed the coming celebration of America’s 200th birthday, the exhortation that parks are places where we inspire people to think critically is still relevant.

“Those are the things that, with difficulty I know, with difficulty those are the things that the historical side of the National Park Service can get people to think about. It’s not easy. It’s not easy because you’re up against the fact that people don’t really want to think. But now the one hope is that we’re getting into a situation where, whether they like it or not, they’ve got to think.That’s our opportunity now – to find a device, any device in which we can promote these thoughts that I and so many others have.”

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