Free Section 106 Compliance Training from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation


The ACHP now offers online courses on Section 106 topics. Each course offers self-paced interactive presentations and downloadable reference documents. Courses of 30 minutes or more offer a certificate of completion and incorporate knowledge checks that let you apply your learning to case scenarios or quiz questions. Register on the ACHP  E-Learning Portal!

Course Catalog for Free On-line Courses

What is Section 106?
This free online e-Learning course is a short introduction to Section 106, explaining what the requirement means and how any citizen can learn more about federal projects and agencies’ historic preservation planning responsibilities.
Course Length: 15 minutes

Successfully Navigating Section 106 Review: An Orientation for Applicants
This online e-Learningcourse is designed to answer questions applicants for federal funding, permits, licenses, or other assistance may have about the review process required by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.
Course Length: 45 minutes

Coordinating NEPA and Section 106
Building on the basic concepts and vocabulary presented in the “Basics of NEPA and Section 106 Integration,” this online e-Learning course builds skills in identifying and taking advantage of coordination opportunities when a federal project, program, or activity is subject to concurrent NEPA and Section 106 reviews. Through case examples and challenge questions, learners will apply the concepts in scenarios where an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or Environmental Assessment (EA) is prepared, or where a Categorical Exclusion (CE or CatEx) may apply.
Course Length: 45 minutes

Basics of NEPA and Section 106 Integration
This free online e-Learning course is a short introduction to all stakeholders to the basic concepts and vocabulary presented in the 2013 NEPA and Section 106 Handbook and a foundation for stakeholder expectations in the review of federal projects, programs, and activities that may affect historic properties, including high priority infrastructure projects and other federal undertakings.
Course Length: 15 minutes

Early Coordination with Indian Tribes in Infrastructure Projects
This course will develop understanding and skills for federal, cultural resources, environmental review, and program/project management staff to interact and work with Indian tribes early in the Section 106 process. It will also prepare consultants and applicants seeking federal licenses, permits, grants, and other approvals to work with Indian tribes as they plan and develop pre-application information for their projects.
Course Length: 90 minutes

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