Framing Decisions


Being mindful of how we frame our decisions can help us judge completely disparate options.  It can also help up come to terms with multiple and or ambiguous alternatives.  Building this skill of Framing Decisions is an effective way to work towards improved Decisiveness.

On-A-Par Decision Frame: 
Ruth Chang advocates for framing decisions and hard choices not as traditional value propositions but as character/value defining opportunities. Take a moment to watch her TED-ED video presentation and then answer some questions in an interactive lesson.

Expected Value Decision Frame:
The Expected Value Principle is the value of a future gain should be directly proportional to the chance of getting it.  Psychologist Dan Gilbert describes Expected Value Propositions in his TED talk – Why we make bad decisions.  As we approach difficult decisions it can help to shift the frames between these models and others as a way gain insight.  However the decision making paradox basically demonstrates that in terms of a decision process- there might not be an optimal best tool.

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