For Supervisors: Supervisor and Employee Rights and Responsibilities


This 8.5 X 11 printable color poster defines the overall rights and responsibilities of employees (to accomplish their work) and supervisors (to accomplish work through others); it is derived from CFR, HR Bulletins, codes of conduct etc.


The poster succinctly defines expectations of federal employees and supervisors. This may be the first time that your work as a federal employee or the work of your staff is explicitly stated.


Have you set expectations?

Using this poster as a communication tool can assist you in managing your staff. A primary role for a supervisor is to set expectations and reinforce them. Assuming that people clearly understand their roles as a federal employee and your role as a supervisor without you expressly explaining it to them can lead to confusion, conflict, or other situations. Even if someone is a long term employee, they might not have been on-boarded appropriately.

How to Use This Resource

  • Share this poster with your staff during orientation and on-boarding
  • Review this poster during performance meetings
  • Post the poster in a public location
  • Use the poster as the basis of a tailgate meeting, discussion, or to help set expectations


  • Training Requirements for Supervisors
  • Learning Support For Supervisors
    • How to Managing People (in progress)
    • How to Managing the Work Environment (in progress)
    • How to Managing Resources- Physical, Financial, & System/Process (in progress)
  • Additional Resources For Supervisors from OPM Framework for Supervision Development (in progress)

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